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Andy, Dom & Letti Rae


Andy began baking on a weekly basis when she was big enough to ride her bike down to her grandma's in the mid 90s. Her red velvet cupcakes became famous among friends & family around 2013, she made her first tiered wedding cake back in 2015 and started incessantly watching cake decorating videos in late 2018 after losing the grandma that showed her the ways of the whisk.

By early 2019, the cake orders for friends and family started and the @cakedecoratorbynight name was coined on Instagram. Since then the kitchen has been rearranged countless times, we upgraded to a convection oven, Dom has learned to pipe flowers, Letti arrived and joins the fun in her baby carrier, and cake orders are becoming a family tradition. 

In 2020, Andrea Dunn, as 'Dunn in the Oven' became licensed as a Cottage Food Producer by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. 

All of our products are made in our home kitchen and are not subject to state inspection.

In the Kitchen: About


to my biggest fans

We're a family here, but it all starts with me, Andy, and I'd like to make sure to recognize: my husband, Dom, who helped me trust my cape. And my Mom, Lisa, who proudly can't bake, and loves that I am the best baker she knows.

In the Kitchen: About
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